Friday, May 8, 2009

Fan Pics!

Just got in some great fan pics.

That's Peter and Elizabeth together, and Jo Ann by herself.

You may remember seeing that same sign on SNY in the last Mets v. Phils game!

Thanks so much to Jo for sharing these!

Fans Questions

Hey kiddos, glad to see you here. Let's have a look at those questions.

Blake asks: Keith, how was Julia Louise Dreyfus?
Keith: Oh she's a sweetheart...great gal. A lot of rumors were out there about me and Julia, and hey, I am Keith Hernandez, but we're just good friends. All that said, we did make out to the sweet sounds of of Pink Floyd one night after a shoot....great gal.

John asks: Keith, what's with you and Coors?
Keith: Coors is medicinal. Have you ever soaked your arm in a Coors? No? Try it my friend. Ask Ronnie. Not only will it make you feel terrific, but the ladies like it. I have soaked myself and a woman in Coors for hours. Add a little high cheddar and you have yourselves the makings of one heck of an evening.

Mook: Keith, boxers or briefs?
Keith: I wear a mink cod piece.

Doc: Keith, how old were you when you grew your first moustache?
Keith: My brother Gary had one when he was 13, so I guess that would've made me 10 or 11. You are talking a full 'stache, right? Then 11.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Help Me Out Folks!

Where the heck should I eat next?

Tootsie Pops--check
Shake Shack--check

What do you recommend?

What Would Keith Do Mania Continues

Another "WWKD?" sign at Shea....err, Citi Field tonight.

If you have a pic for What Would Keith Do, please e-mail it over!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ralph Kiner: A True Legend

Just in at comes their first t-shirt honoring baseball legend--and Mets broadcasting hero--Ralph Kiner.

Pre-order this heather gray tee with its retro-style design declaring yourself in "Kiner's corner" before April 13th and save $5 off the $25 price. All proceeds go to the Mets' broadcasters favorite charities.

Gary, Keith, and Ron couldn't be more excited to have Ralph Kiner join their corner!

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Keith Hernandez: Just for Men

Keith Chimes in:

Hey kids. Just thought I'd take a moment and give you my answers to the Just for Men frequently asked questions.

I've found that wherever I go, whether it's on a wine tasting, shooting a TV commercial, getting tailored for a special "on-air" crushed velvet suit, or just kicking back in the Hamptons with other celebrities, people always want to know about hair dye.

So let's take a bite out of this high cheddar and answer a few questions.

Q: How is Just For Men® Brush-In Color Gel for Mustache, Beard and Sideburns different from Just For Men® Shampoo-In Haircolor?
Well, I just don't a curveball at the knees on the first one. Listen, if you want to have a grey mustache and a nice dark brown head of hair, be my guest. I don't judge.

Q: How often should I color my head hair?
It's seasonal. In the Summer, every third day. The Fall, once a week. Winter, once a month or every 6 weeks if you're in a climate like the mountains featured on the side of a Coors bottle. I dye mine every other Wednesday or when my lovely wife Kai tells me I'm starting to look like Whitey Herzog in the root department. No hair dye in the Spring--ever.

Q: How often should I color my facial hair?
Twice a day.

Q: How does Just For Men® deliver a natural look?
OK let me break this down. Look at the way Kid Carter received a pitch. He and the pitcher had a rhythm, like the rhythm of Rush drummer Neil Pert, who could really hammer out the solos. So you have a drum solo beat, and then a rhythm and then you call pitches, even to a guy like Sid Fernandez, who as we all know is from Hawaii. Ronnie, who is also from Hawaii, said something the other day about the colors on my scorecard, that could also be a rhythm because of the way the colors blend naturally, just like the natural look of Just for Men. Did I answer your question?

Q: Why should I use Just For Men® instead of women's haircolor?
Women do not belong in the dugout.

Q: How do I select the shade that is most natural for me?
That there fire down below? Does the roof match the floor? I guess I would say just go with what works.

Q: What happens if I try a different brand of haircolor?
You will go permanently bald, as will all of your family members.

Q: Do I need a special shampoo?

Q: Should I color my hair before a haircut or after?
Color it before, then get a haircut and re-color. Add in a Coors and some High Cheddar, and don't forget to tip your barber.

Q: Can I perm my hair while using Just For Men®?
The only major leaguer who ever looked good in a perm was Kid Carter. If you want to look like Gary then do it.

Q: Can I relax my hair while using Just For Men®?
Yes, the whole Just for Men experience is very relaxing...your hair will feel more at ease with itself than Kevin Elster does when looking in a mirror.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Get on the Bandwagon!

The wonderful folks at Gary, Keith and Ron must have sensed something was in the air.

They are offering a beautiful t-shirt with a very familiar motto.

I think it's great, and I truly hope all you Mets fans out there go to the site and help the cause!

The shirt actually reminds me of the time I was thinking about some high cheddar.....what the heck was Whitey saying to me? Ronnie? Kiddies?
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Ashamed Ex-Smoker

As a former smoker, the following video just annoys the ever living heck out of me.

Oh my kiddies...I mean, gosh darn it....please look away if you have any of the following conditions:

Bad Bladder
Premature Balding
Flat Feet
Hoof and Mouth

OK, for the rest of you, here is a video. I don't want you to watch it if you have not slept for at least 8 of the last 24 hours.

You have been warned.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Could I Hit Ollie Perez?

Your darn right I could.

He'd probably try and bust me inside with some high cheddar, then throw that big hooker of his, but I would wait him out for a walk or just go with the pitch.

Listen kiddies, especially all you lefty's out there, when you face a guy like Ollie Perez think opposite field, go with the pitch, and attack.

Think high cheddar always and adjust to the hook.
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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hey Mets Fans: Let's Talk Shoe Comfort

As all of us get up there in years, there comes a time when we have to make concessions to the reality that is aging.

Look, no one wants to get older, but it happens, even to me, Keith Hernandez.

I've made a few concessions to aging, and I'd like to share them with you, my loving viewers and the absolute best baseball fans in the business:
  • Less ice cream, though boy do I love it!
  • No more Budweiser, just a few glasses of wine here and there--Kai and I are really enjoying Tom Seaver's new wines
  • Better haircuts, though for some reason that has been subject to debate--are you guys saying you don't like my short hair? That hurts and Kai won't be pleased
  • Sensible shoes
Now that last one may come as a bit of a surprise, especially to those of you that regularly watch me on TV during an SNY Mets broadcast.

You see my smiling face, the mustache, my great looking short hair, the twinkle in my eye, etc.

What you don't see is my heel spring ultra-comfort max sneakers. Love 'em!

Anyway kiddies, next time your dogs are barking remember that there is nothing wrong with going for comfort over style, I do.

Heel spring ultra-comfort max sneakers are your friend.
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