Friday, May 8, 2009

Fans Questions

Hey kiddos, glad to see you here. Let's have a look at those questions.

Blake asks: Keith, how was Julia Louise Dreyfus?
Keith: Oh she's a sweetheart...great gal. A lot of rumors were out there about me and Julia, and hey, I am Keith Hernandez, but we're just good friends. All that said, we did make out to the sweet sounds of of Pink Floyd one night after a shoot....great gal.

John asks: Keith, what's with you and Coors?
Keith: Coors is medicinal. Have you ever soaked your arm in a Coors? No? Try it my friend. Ask Ronnie. Not only will it make you feel terrific, but the ladies like it. I have soaked myself and a woman in Coors for hours. Add a little high cheddar and you have yourselves the makings of one heck of an evening.

Mook: Keith, boxers or briefs?
Keith: I wear a mink cod piece.

Doc: Keith, how old were you when you grew your first moustache?
Keith: My brother Gary had one when he was 13, so I guess that would've made me 10 or 11. You are talking a full 'stache, right? Then 11.
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