Friday, May 8, 2009

Fan Pics!

Just got in some great fan pics.

That's Peter and Elizabeth together, and Jo Ann by herself.

You may remember seeing that same sign on SNY in the last Mets v. Phils game!

Thanks so much to Jo for sharing these!

Fans Questions

Hey kiddos, glad to see you here. Let's have a look at those questions.

Blake asks: Keith, how was Julia Louise Dreyfus?
Keith: Oh she's a sweetheart...great gal. A lot of rumors were out there about me and Julia, and hey, I am Keith Hernandez, but we're just good friends. All that said, we did make out to the sweet sounds of of Pink Floyd one night after a shoot....great gal.

John asks: Keith, what's with you and Coors?
Keith: Coors is medicinal. Have you ever soaked your arm in a Coors? No? Try it my friend. Ask Ronnie. Not only will it make you feel terrific, but the ladies like it. I have soaked myself and a woman in Coors for hours. Add a little high cheddar and you have yourselves the makings of one heck of an evening.

Mook: Keith, boxers or briefs?
Keith: I wear a mink cod piece.

Doc: Keith, how old were you when you grew your first moustache?
Keith: My brother Gary had one when he was 13, so I guess that would've made me 10 or 11. You are talking a full 'stache, right? Then 11.
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Help Me Out Folks!

Where the heck should I eat next?

Tootsie Pops--check
Shake Shack--check

What do you recommend?

What Would Keith Do Mania Continues

Another "WWKD?" sign at Shea....err, Citi Field tonight.

If you have a pic for What Would Keith Do, please e-mail it over!