Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gary Carter Apologizes to Keith: Watch the Video

Well, here's Gary Carter commenting on what Keith Hernandez had to say about Gary being "unconscious" on the Mike and Mike show.

Monday, May 26, 2008

An Open Letter to Gary Carter from Keith Hernandez

Dear Gary,

Let me preface this letter by saying I have great respect for you as a player, you're a Hall of Famer and all that, but that being said, and I've kept quiet for such a long time, you are unconscious.

I just looked up the word in the dictionary and I found this:

You, my friend, are walking around unconscious. You broke the code. You put yourself first. You damaged your already shaky reputation with some comments that will tar your legacy even more than that god awful perm you sported while you were chasing around reporters and mugging for the TV cameras.

This is not like the old days where you could turn on a piece of high cheddar and go soak your arm in a Coors. No Gary, this was you coming out publicly lobbying for a job you have no chance in hell of getting.

Even my broadcast partner play-by-play man Gary Cohen said: "Regardless of what happens, you can't be any more indelicate or graceless than Gary Carter was in saying the things he said about being available to take over the job. I just cannot believe that Carter said what he said."

And you remember Ronnie don't you? The smart good looking guy who could pitch a little? Yeah, that's him, Ron Darling. Ronnie said that you are a disgrace to the '86 team.

So now what Kid? Your backtracking was a half-assed attempt at saving yourself and it didn't fool anyone.

Oh well. You are what you are. Call me.

- Keith

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Coming Soon: I'm Keith Hernandez

an interview with the award winning film's creator Rob Perri.